Nick Campion

55th St / Members Pkwy Modifications

The intent of this project is to address ongoing performance issues with the existing 55th St intersection with West Circle Drive. 



The plan disconnects the existing 55th st / west circle drive connection, re-aligning the roadway to the south through what is now the entrance to the dog park.  The plans also call for connecting members parkway through to the Wal-mart parking lot while leaving a "Right in, right out" west circle access from the north west corner of the shopping center open. 


Land acquisition is taking place to support this plan.  There are 2 phases to this plan, Phase I "Widen 55 St NW Nicklaus Dr to Fairway, Construct 41st Ave from 55th St. to W Circle Dr." and Phase II: "Members Pkwy Improvements".  Phase I has secured federal funding of about $5 million available in 2016 (as of this writing).


When will this construction begin?  Federal funds have been allocated during 2015 and 2016 for Phase 1.  When the timetable is set, I will update with exact dates.  

Will the entrance at 55th's intersection completely disappear? The west access will be removed.  The east access will remain as a signalized intersection with access to the shopping center.

Will we get a stoplight by the dog park? Going off the preliminary design, shared above, no. Upon review with Public Works, this will be a signalized intersection.  However, there will be no access to the dog park as the dog park will need to be relocated to service this project.  The Parks Department is planning to move the dog park from this location later this year. (2015)

Will Members Parkway be connected to the shopping center? The current plan does show that connection being established.  No funds have been secured for Phase 2 and there is no timeline.

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