Nick Campion

Thoughts on Partisanship


doorstep_nick.jpgServing my hometown as a City Council member is an exciting opportunity. I am particularly proud of our community’s decision to keep City Council positions non-partisan. I feel that being non-partisan allows me to better engage our community and focus on the issues that affect us most at the local level.  

Sharing concerns and discussing solutions openly is a key component of being an effective City Council representative. I’ve spent all summer and fall walking through neighborhoods discussing both opportunities and challenges facing Rochester.  I’ve met neighbors on their doorsteps and talked about the need to balance growth with our community's long term interests, Destination Medical Center, the cost of living, property taxes and about the importance of our neighborhoods.  Your concerns span a wide range of topics and being non-partisan allows me to openly discuss these with voters with a wide variety of viewpoints.  These discussions have made me confident that I understand the concerns of my ward.

People often ask what political party I represent. I always respond that I am non-partisan.  Depending on their level of persistence, they sometimes follow up with asking if I am a liberal or a conservative. I wish the solutions to Rochester’s challenges were so easy to classify.  I believe that we need to understand the lifetime public costs of our growth.  Is that conservative or liberal?  I believe that we need to make investments into our neighborhoods to continue to be a top place to live and raise a family.  Is that conservative or liberal?  I believe that being responsive to my constituents needs to be my top priority.  Is that conservative or liberal?  I have been openly discussing my ideas with members of the community, but I won’t compromise on my position of being a non-partisan. Our challenges are complex and require more discussion than simple labels will allow.

I want to represent you. We have a fantastic community filled with diverse, complex and well-reasoned viewpoints.  As a City Council member, I want to continue the open discussion that has been started as I’ve walked from door to door. You’ve shared your views with me and I’m proud of the support I’ve received from all across the political spectrum.  I ask that you join me to keep the conversation going by voting Campion on November 4th.

I’m happy to discuss our community's challenges and your concerns.  Reach out to me anytime at [email protected] or through using the ‘Contact Us’ link.