Nick Campion

Valleyhigh Construction



April 06, 2015 through October 16, 2015


The stated intent of this project is to address future development in the area, projected traffic volumes, intersection spacing, future signalization, turning movements, and safety (crashes, conflict points, etc). 

To address all these points, Olmsted County Public Works has designed a project outlined in this press release:

Road reconstruction work is scheduled to begin April 6, 2015 on County State Aid Highway 4 (Valleyhigh Road NW) from County Road 104 (60th Ave NW) to County State Aid Highway 22 (West Circle Drive). The project consists of reconstructing the existing 2 lane roadway into a 4 lane divided concrete roadway. There is a multilane roundabout planned for the intersection of CSAH 4 and 50th Ave.

As part of the project CSAH 4 (Valleyhigh Drive NW) East of CSAH 22 (WCD) is to be reconstructed to a 4 lane section to Technology Drive. This portion of the project is to begin later this spring. Shafer Contracting Co. Inc. is the contractor for the $10,309,000.00 project.

The roadway West of CSAH 22 (WCD) will be closed to traffic. A signed detour route will be provided and in effect for the duration of the project. The roadway East of CSAH 22 (WCD) is planned to be reconstructed under traffic and is to be completed one side at a time. The anticipated completion of the project is October 16, 2015.

Motorists are reminded to always drive with caution, and never enter a road blocked with barriers or cones.

Questions may be directed to the Olmsted County Public Works Department 507-328-7060


Additional Information

Several of you have contacted me to ask for information about designs of the roadway and pedestrian facilities.  I would like to provide the following links:

Valleyhigh Rd/Dr Pedestrian Facility Overview  - This document is an overview of the pedestrian facilities associated with the new design.  The facilities are highlighted in blue.  They do not go under the roads, as you might think on initial inspection.  Where they intersect roads the cross at grade.

Olmsted County Public Work CSAH 4 Information Page - County State Aid Highway 4 is another name for Valleyhigh Road NW as we know it locally.  Olmsted County will work to keep this page up to date with current details as they move forward.